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  • Ellis


Ellis was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 21 months. Six years on it is hard to imagine having to stick needles in my beautiful baby boy at such a tender age.

Type 1 diabetes has thrown lots of challenges and experiences in our path, both good and bad. Not least I think it has shaped both of my children in to caring, thoughtful and inspirational individuals who fill me with pride every day.

I lost my job when Ellis went onto multiple daily injections as I could not get a nursery or childminder to agree to inject him. Overnight we went from being self sufficient and comfortable financially to feeling like state scroungers, constantly trying to just make ends meet.

We’ve had dreadful, heartbreaking school experiences where Ellis was being excluded from school at the age of 4, not for being naughty, just for having diabetes and we have wonderful school experiences where people go all out to make Ellis’ life ‘normal’.

We have had poor hospital experiences and now we have exceptional care at UCLH. Ellis even tells people he likes having diabetes as without it he wouldn’t know Liz the play specialist at UCLH. We travel a very long way to get to UCLH but consider it worth it to give Ellis his best hope of a bright and healthy future.

Recently Ellis had appointments on three consecutive days at different hospitals in London. As our journey takes 3 to 4 hours Ellis would have been exhausted trying to make the trip three days running and his conditions would have been extremely difficult to manage. I am incredibly grateful to SCD for their help in paying for a hotel stay which took an enormous amount of pressure off us and made the appointments manageable.