Now accepting 2019 Applications

We are now accepting grant applications for 2019.

Please check to see if you are eligible for funding by reading our terms below:

1.Applicant must be receiving treatment for Diabetes from a hospital in the United Kingdom.

2.Age limit normally 19 years old.

3.Applicants must be resident in the UK.

4.Applicants must be in receipt of means tested benefits to include either Income Support, ESA or JSA. Working Tax Credits are no longer acceptable.

5.Applications must be verified by a letter from the child’s Diabetes nurse or Specialist supporting their request for the specific item(s) asked for.

6.Grants will not be available as a regular supplement to income and should only be applied for in times of crisis. An applicant cannot apply for a further grant within 1 year of receiving any money from SCD. If an applicant is refused a grant, they are not permitted to re-apply for the same item within 1 year. There is no right of appeal.

Apply HERE