What we do


1. To provide a hardship fund to help those families whose children suffer from Diabetes and who do not have the means to support them during times of crisis. The money would be used primarily to help families buy vital equipment which is not available through the NHS or to provide respite for young people and their families who cope daily with the challenges of this disease.

2. To raise awareness and understanding about Type 1 Diabetes which is a separate and distinct condition to Type 2. Also to understand that Diabetes is a chronic illness that stays with people their entire lives and is not caused by diet or eating the wrong foods.



1. Applicant must be receiving treatment for Diabetes from a hospital in the UK.

2. Age limit normally 19 years old.

3. Applicants must be resident in the UK.

4. Applicants must be in receipt of means tested benefits to include one of the following: Universal Credit,  Income Support, ESA or JSA. Working Tax Credits are no longer acceptable.

5. Grants will not be available as a regular supplement to income and should only be applied for in times of crisis.



1. To buy vital equipment such as weighing scales or other items needed for the day-to-day care of Type 1 patients (not including pumps).

2. To buy special foods in times of crisis. This money would be given in the form of supermarket vouchers.

3. To buy objects for the home that may help ease the family’s pressure. These items should be diabetes related in some way.

4. To offer financial assistance to a child or young person for a holiday organised by a recognised Diabetes Organisation.

5. To offer financial support towards attending conventions or seminars on diabetes or related topics where travel or accommodation expenses are an issue. Also to assist with educating patients about how to cope with the disease.

6. To assist with any educational/sport related equipment or anything else deemed appropriate that would help further ease the plight of patients.